The future of learning, training and education

Gerd Leonhard : Reflection

The future of learning, training and education: Futurist Speaker Gerd Leonhard at LT15 London

Few Key takeaway from the video

  • AR – seeing things differently
  • Magic leap , augmented reality
  • Oculus
  • Hololens
  • Fixing motocycle, helping people to fix it remotely
  • Movie – Her
  • Component Technologues
    • – Artificial intelligence, machine learning
    • – Natural user interfaces
    • – Big-data technologies
  • Key application
    • – Smart learning in education
  • Knowledge is no longer a barrier
  • Wearable IoT
    • – Incentives to outsource our thinking, memories, concerns, tasks.
  • (Intelligences) -> Wisdom -> Knowledge – > Data (IBM)
  • It is not about dumping them(human) with data, rather immerse them with experiences.
  • The future of learning : From data and information to knowledge and wisdom-
  • Machines are for answers, humans are for questions (Kevin Kelly)
  • How deep will we go “inside machine” and vice versa”
  • First we make the tool and the tool make us.

There is one important insight that I have gained from this video is about the process of gaining knowledge. “It is not about dumping them(human) with data, rather immerse them with experiences. ” This make me thinking. Traditionally, we have been using book as a mean to learn new things. Example, if one need to learn how to bake a cake, reading a cook book may not be useful. It require a hands on experience. You need to go to the kitchen, crack some eggs and whip some cream. In the course of it, the cake may not turn out well and you try again. This is experiential learning.

However, learning to bake a cake, require a kitchen, eggs and all those necessary ingredient. If you fail, you need to repeat the whole process again and not to mention, the ingredient and a messy kitchen!

How can technology help? I have a client from Epson and they show me the future of learning through their AR glasses.

Imagine, with the AR, experiences can be emulated and you can perfect your skill just by resetting the environment.

The video raise a interesting example. If you want to fix your motocycle, you can call up your friend and they could teach you how to fix it remotely. Learning become global.

Another interesting notion is the chart from IBM. (Intelligences) -> Wisdom -> Knowledge – > Data (IBM). This led me to an article on entitled Data, Information, Knowledge, and Wisdom, written in 2004 by Gene Bellinger, Durval Castro and Anthony Mills.