Setting it Up

After a Long Hiatus

I have 5 full time designers in my agency. 3 are base in Singapore while 2 are based in Myanmar. They have been in the agency on an average of 2 years and are in the mid 20s.

Been a employer in a creative agency, I have seen the importance of self learning in the creative industry. Especially in the technical aspect where the employee has to keep themselves relevant in the ever evolving digital movement. On top of that, my team is young and having a good learning culture, I believe it could discover their own potential and drive motivation in the company.

However, the problem I faced as a employer is to explore how my team could self learned with minimum constant supervision and training cost, especially in the remote team (Myanmar).

There are a few general questions that I will like to explore and I would split them in 2 segments. Employer and Employee.


  1. How did the management in the creative industry conduct staff training?
  2. Have they explored training using digital technology?
  3. What is their budget for staff training?
  4. What is their expectation of the training outcome?
  5. Have they done any career planning for their employee?


  1. Did they see any value in training?
  2. What do they see in training using digital technology? Advantage and Disadvantage
  3. What is their expectation of their training outcome?
  4. How do they like to be trained?

I be conducting a online survey and interviewing. By conduction a online survey, it give me a clear quantitive result. However, I may have assumed certain answers and to avoid that, interviewing will be much more appropriate.

Interviewing will be conducted to the management of the SME. These management make primary decision and in charge of the staff training. By end of tomorrow, I will be drafting out a list of possible questions using the JTBD approach. I am targeting to interview 3~4 company. Second segment that I be interviewing are the employee of the company. I be looking at a size of 4~5 people with a 2 to 3 years working experience.


  • Interviewing question by tomorrow.
  • Interview to be conducted by next 2 weeks.