Learning how to learn

The first 20 hours – How to learn anything?

  • 10, 000 hrs to learn something (not true)
  • From nil to reasonably good
  • 20 hrs is all you need.
  • 4 Steps to rapid acquisition.
    1. Deconstruct the skill.
    2. Learn enough to self-correct. (Then get creative)
    3. Remove practice barriers (focus)
    4. Practice at least 20 hours.

5 techniques to speak any language

1. Make mistakes.
2. Scrap the foreign alphabet.
3. Finding a stickler.
4. Shower conversations (Practice and get creative)
5. Buddy formula.

Learning how to learn | Barbara Oakley


  • Focused mode: this is when we think of the details. Action?
  • Diffuse mode: this is when we think of general ideas or when relaxed (not thinking about it ). Reflection?

Jump back and forth between focused and diffuse modes of thinking.


  • Just start and it will gradually feel ok
  • Think of something else – something nice and do it

Pomodoro technique:
Focus for 25 mins on studying using a timer not allowing any distractions.

  • After that, take a break and do something fun
  • Slow thinking can be good because it can encourage mastery of a subject.

Pomodoro technique

1. Find out how much effort for the task.
2. Focus.
3. Make accurate estimation to do the task.
4. Recap, review.
5. Set a timetable.
6. Find your personal objective



After watching these video, I feel that there is a similar patterns. A patterns on how to have a quick and efficient learning.

  1. Focus. Short focus. 20 minutes seem to be a golden number. The Pomodoro technique and the time for the short memory transit to intermittent memory.
  2. Make mistake. Learn from the mistake and correct it. By yourself or buddy. And get creative.
  3. Deconstruct the activity. Break it up into smaller task and set the objective.