Apple Watch

Wearable tech as a learning tool

Research Finding

  • How can Apple Watch help with self-regulated learning?
  • Ben Brautigam, who manages the advanced learning projects at Penn State’s Teaching and Learning with Technology program, is overseeing a program that targets self-regulated learning

    “Another performance augmentation the Borg possessed was their connection to the collective. Here each Borg was connected to the group, which allowed them to focus their efforts and thoughts as a whole. This hive mind processed, distributed and received orders in real time. As network connections and data profiles continue to grow your students will gain like abilities.”

    “This offers great benefits to your students as it will improve your recommendation engines. In this regard, your students may not have the rich networks or expertise that is needed in order to judge what they need. By using context (what they have completed, what they are currently doing, what they are scheduled to do, …) you can use push/pull measures to provide content that is relevant to their immediate environments.”


  • Hacking The Learning Curve With Apple Watch

– Context Is King
If you read Saxophone For Beginners from cover to cover before picking up an actual saxophone, you’ll be lucky to play a note. Read it whilst you physically get to grips with the mechanics of playing the thing though, and you might be pleasantly surprised. The exact same content is far more effective when presented in its appropriate context.

– A New Layer Of Learning
Imagine you’re learning Spanish; you could decide to learn about seafood and come across the word “pulpo” (octopus) in a list from a textbook. You might remember it in a week, then again you might not – it’s just a word on a page. Now consider a scenario in which you’re presented with the same word while engaged by the sights, sounds, and smells of a Spanish seafood restaurant. The associations are stronger, and the word is likely to be committed to memory much more effectively – thus the learning curve is steeper.


It seem that there is not much research about Apple Watch as a learning tool as it is quite a new gadget. However, there are some interesting guideline and insight that I have gathered.

  • Context (Which moment of learning can it be applied?)
  • New layer of learning (What kind of information can it be overlay? )